Today we run for Linda Jackel and Janice Corey Zadziejko

Linda Jackel

Mom. Mama. Nama. Friend.

My mom was a strong woman. She had to be. Her life was not easy. My mom was a fighter. That was never more apparent than the day she walked out of her Dr’s office and said she needed to go for a mammogram, as the lump she found was very concerning to her Dr. She didn’t falter, didn’t seem scared. She was confident that God had it all under control. She was 56 years young.
Over the year and a half that followed, she had her moments. Fear, anger, sadness. But they were just that. Moments. She knew God would heal her. She spent most of the next year and a half in good health (all things considered), if she hadn’t told you, you didn’t know she had cancer. The last 6 weeks with us were trying, but she had wonderful caregivers. God did indeed heal her. On June 24, 2012, surrounded by her children, He called her home, no more pain, sickness, or troubles. We know we will see her again someday.

– Tiffany Kneeland

Janice Corey Zadziejko

I often wonder why bad things happen to good people. For instance, when you pour yourself a bowl of your favorite cereal and come to find out there is no milk, or why in the world the most generous, caring woman on earth would get diagnosed with cancer 67 years after already conquering a less than easy life.

This woman is Janice Lee Zadziejko. She was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer last October. It had started as a tumor in her leg, which after multiple surgeries in different hospitals was finally removed and she was miraculously declared cancer free. Two months later after her short lived victory the doctors became concerned with scans of her lungs. She had 12 polyps spread out in both of her lungs. All containing cancer. Her battle was not yet over. Janice has faced many challenges throughout her life, all of which she overcame astoundingly. She has 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

Janice has always given so much, whe ther it be the love to her children and grandchildren, the best advice anyone could ask for, or breakfast to a homeless man when she barely had enough food to feed herself. She is the most compassionate person you could ever meet. All her family could think of is why in the world did such a loving person get dealt some of the worse cards possible? Going into chemo last January Janice weighed a whopping 76 pounds, standing at a total 4 feet and 10 inches tall.

Today, almost a year of chemo treatments later she stands taller than any woman I know. I hate calling cancer a battle, but that is what it truly is. It creates warriors, fighters, conquerors, as well as casualties. Chemo is rough and takes nearly as much as it gives. It is a crucial element in the fight against cancer. Her battle is not yet over. We can not yet declare victory. She still has one last chemo treatment and years of CT and PET scans left. The polyps will never completely leave her. She will never be cancer free. We can only hope that it is contained enough to allow her to live the rest of her life out without pain and happy.

Janice has both lost and gained immeasurably from her battle. It has been incredible to see how much she has grown. I strongly believe that God does not give you challenges you cannot overcome. She will overcome this. She has become a fighter, when we thought she had no fight left in her. She has goals and dreams and plans and fully intends to see them through to completion. She is an inspiration. She is my hero.

~Brittnie Zadziejko

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