About Miles 2 Give

About Miles 2 Give

Miles 2 Give is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Sarcoma. We raise funding for Sarcoma cancer research through cross-country ultra-running all the while inspiring people to achieve more. This year, 2013, our founder Landon Cooper, along with Tour Director Ryan Priest and Tour Videographer John McKay, will run across the USA through a 150-day endurance feat to raise a minimum of $300,000 for Sarcoma Cancer research. 100% of all monies raised go to research. They will run from Ocean Beach, California starting on February 14th across this great nation arriving in Washington DC mid-July.

In partnership with the Sarcoma Foundation of America, Miles2Give will be raising funds for the SFA Ashley Davis Sarcoma Research grant. The SFA will then award these grants to the most proven Sarcoma Cancer researchers across the nation in an effort to find a cure and better patient therapies for Sarcoma Cancer.

How You Can Help

Join us on this beautiful mission. Through M2G, the running and Sarcoma community come together to create a passion-filled group ripe with creating change. We would love for you to join us! Head on over to our donation page to make a financial contribution, contact us with any ideas you have, or join our Rockstar Fundraising Challenge where you can win a free 4-day getaway to a beautiful villa-style Orlando, FL resort or a signed jersey from the team.

Sarcoma And Finding A Cure

Sarcoma is a cancer of the connective tissue (i.e., bones, muscles, fat, nerves, and tendons) that affects approximately 12,000 Americans each year. In adults, sarcoma represents one percent of all newly diagnosed cancers. It is more prevalent among young adults and children, accounting for about 15% of all pediatric cancers.

With early detection and aggressive treatment these cancers can be cured in 60-70% of patients. The survival data over the last 20 plus years has been very stagnant and new methods of treatment are needed to increase patient survival rates. Research is the only way to find new treatments and test their effectiveness in battling these rare tumors.

Medical research is time consuming and costly and funding for sarcoma research is hard to come by. Because only a small number of people are affected it is not exactly a national health problem and government backed sarcoma research grants are minimal. As the genetic basis to these tumors is uncovered it offers hope for those afflicted that more targeted treatments will be developed through ongoing research. Most funding comes from sarcoma or cancer support organizations and fundraising efforts like ours. Help support our mission and considering giving to help find a c

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